Barkley talks Suns front office situation

Posted by Unknown on Friday, May 24, 2013 with 1 comment
Those in the know have stated that despite being one of the most popular NBA figures on television, TNT's Charles Barkley dreams of being even more.  It's no secret that Charles has privately thought about calling Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver to discuss future employment.  Having addressed their front office situation weeks ago, Barkley has again decided to let this thoughts be heard on the situation.  

“The Suns did not call me…but once they rehired Lon Babby, they lost me,” Barkley said.  ”I thought they should have cleaned house.  And anybody who thought (former general manager) Lance Blanks was running things is a damn idiot.
“I thought they should have gotten rid of everybody and started over because this is going to be a long process.  The Suns are probably three years away from making the playoffs.”
“I wanted the job (in Phoenix),” Barkley said. “Everybody knew I wanted to be a GM.  But I’m not going to campaign for any job.  I think I’m going to be a good GM when that time comes.  I know I’m going to be successful.”

“I want them to be successful,” Barkley said. “You think I want to watch crappy basketball every night when I’m at home?”