Knicks coach already planning for next season

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, May 06, 2012 with 11 comments
  With his team on the brink of elimination, Knicks coach Mike Woodson recently shared his plan for next season should he be retain.  With Carmelo Anthony complaining of being doubled and tripled teamed by the Heat, Woodson delivered the following message to Anthony about next season and the idea of elevating his game.

“Expectations aren’t going to change in New York, you know that,’’ Woodson said. “They shouldn’t. Rightfully so. Anthony’s going to have to raise his game. He’s got to do things this summer to better his game — as well as Tyson and Amar’e. If I’m the head coach here, I have to make sure it happens. It’s the only way to get out of the rut in terms of him being a first-round exit. He’s got to change that.....I like to see and he’s made major strides this year,’’ Woodson said. “We started this journey, he made guys around him better and he was better for it. That has to be a continuation. I got to push him to be in better shape when you start the season. A lot of things that got to be changed. Not a lot of things, but … There’s got to be some changes to get to the next level.’’