Wall doesn't agree with players vote

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, April 11, 2015 with No comments
The NBPA recently announced that players of the NBA will have their own set of awards that would be voted upon by themselves for recognition.  Some are happy with the idea but Washington Wizards G John Wall recently indicated that he may not participate and elaborated on why.  

“You’re going to have people making their own decision anyway,” Wall said. “I think the fans and the people watch, just like they do voting for us in the all-star games. It’s cool that way. Us making votes, you got people that’s going to say they’re MVP and they’re the best player in the league so it’s never going to be a fair race in my opinion.”

“I think the media and the fans have their own opinion I think that’s the key part,” Wall said. “They’re watching it from the inside-out. Us as basketball players, we know who they are, who players are, but sometimes your pride and ego comes in and you don’t want to see that player get an award.”