Q&A: Russell Westbrook

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, March 05, 2015 with No comments
Courtesy of Anthony Slater

How are you feeling?
Feeling good.
What a crazy incident. Could you believe what happened and what was the process like after?
Happened so quick. I was just blessed to be able to get up and be able to continue the game. But process was really quick thanks to the Thunder and the doctor in LA that was able to take care of my little dent.
Did you have any say in what the mask is going to look like?
Just regular. I mean, you can’t get crazy with the mask. The league is only going to (allow) me to have the clear mask. So that’s all I got.
The picture looked scary. Was it a scary incident for you?
Definitely scary. When you feel your face and it feels a little deformed, it’s definitely a different feeling, definitely scary.
Are you surprised at all about how quick you are able to come back from this type of injury?
Yeah, but at the same time the doctors gave me the approval to be able to play so that’s all that matters.
Is it any more important to get out there because of the playoff race?
Nah. I think my health is more important than that.
Does (the mask) change any way in how you view things or anything?
Yeah, it’s definitely different. I’ve never played in a mask, so it’s something I gotta adjust to. But I’m just gonna go with it.
What do you have to get out of tonight?