Q&A: Caron Butler

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Courtesy of Vincent Goodwill Jr.

Question: When you were younger, who was the veteran guy who took you under his wing?
Butler: "Eddie Jones and Alonzo Mourning (in Miami, 2002-03)"
Question: What was it that you took from them?
Butler: Just how to be a professional on and off the court, how to conduct yourself. Preparation, stuff like that. Things that are extremely important to last in this game.
Question: What was it like being in Washington all those years?
Butler: "Man, those were like the most fun years of my life. It just went by so fast when you reflect, we had some great moments. Making All-Star games, playoff battles against Cleveland. It was a great experience."
Question: Remember that Soulja Boy-Jay-Z stuff during your playoff series against Cleveland? (Jay-Z made up a pro-LeBron James rap before the Cavs-Wizards 2008 first-round series. One-hit wonder Soulja Boy responded with one supporting the Wizards.)
Butler: "It was crazy because I was a huge fan of Jay-Z, still is, to see Soulja Boy come in and try to continue with that. … I had to represent but I was like damn, could we get (anybody else)? He held us down, though. It was cool. It was just fun times. It was good for TV. That stuff with (Wizards guard) DeShawn Stevenson and those guys, that was hilarious."
Question: D.C. has great restaurants, what were your favorites?
Butler: "The Capital Grille, Clyde's. Another good spot was B. Smith's and Gladys Knight's. I love that spot."
Question: Have you gotten around to the ones in your area (Rochester)?
Butler: "I go in spots downtown; honestly, I don't know the names of them. My wife picks them out. We go and there's a couple spots with different foods, it's real smooth. I like the area."
Question: Obviously, you're getting older. Is there a moment when you're like, "Damn, I'm old?" Sometimes it's a guy blowing by you who never could. Has that moment happened for you?
Butler: "When I'm playing alongside some of the younger guys and they talk about how old they are. 'I'm like 21' or whatever. Man, I have a 20-year-old daughter, so I'm like, 'Damn, it's crazy.' To be able to practice full speed without restrictions and to play when required, I've been blessed."
Question: "Would you let any of your teammates date your daughter?"
Butler: "Hell no! I'm gonna tell you something, the crooked one that would try to, that (dude) over there, Spence (Spencer Dinwiddie). (Turns to Joel Anthony and Richardson) Is there anybody in here you would let date your daughter?"
Richardson: "Somebody gotta die! (laughing)"
Question: Would you let Spencer date your daughter?
Butler: "Not happening (pause). That ain't happening. Not happening."