Q&A: Marreese Speights

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Courtesy of Slam

SLAM: You guys are now 29-5 and playing a very entertaining brand of basketball. How fun has this been for you?
Marreese Speights: It’s the best feeling ever. We’re rolling, we have the best record in the NBA, and I’m having an opportunity to contribute. So we’re riding this roller coaster until the wheels fall off. But we don’t see the wheels falling off no time soon. We are a confident team, and we are going to go out there every night and give it our best effort.
SLAM: Seems like everything you’re throwing up is going in right now. You’re shooting a career-high from the field, ranked in top-15 in League in field-goal percentage, what do you attribute that to?
MS: It’s all about game preparation and my teammates finding me in the right positions on the court. It’s also just about team chemistry. I put myself in a situation where I came into camp in a little better shape, little more focused this year. So that’s all it is, it’s all just coming together and paying off for us.
SLAM: What has Coach Kerr been talking with you about throughout the season? What’s your relationship like with him?
MS: Coach said he always knew I was good a player, I’ve just been able to earn his respect. I went out there at practice, every chance I had, and was just working hard while I wasn’t playing. Just being professional. Now, when I go out on the court, I’m trying to play my heart out for him. Coach never gave up on me, he always believed in me. So I feel like I owe him every time I’m on the court.
SLAM: How good is Stephen Curry? What is it like to go to work with that guy?
MS: It’s fun playing with him, he’s the best player in the NBA right now. He just always puts his teammates in a position to succeed. He could get 50, but he’s also dishing out assists, creating open shots for everybody, playing defense, and he’s just our captain on the court. A lot of people don’t see that side of him as a player, but he really is our captain and leader.
SLAM: What have you been listening to on your way to the arena? I know you’re a big Boosie fan…
MS: I have been listening to a lot of Boosie. I’m also listening to Kevin Gates—”I Don’t Get Tired.” And then I’m listening to my boys from back home, BPM, Business Power Movement. They’re my homies.
SLAM: How about this Bay Area lifestyle? You’re in your second year out here, how have you liked living in The City?
MS: The lifestyle out here is great. Everywhere you go, the fans embrace you. It’s almost like a college town, everywhere you go they’re always embracing you. Great scenery around here too, great people, and it’s just all really great. This is the best time of my life.