Q&A: Kyle Singler

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 with No comments
Courtesy of Terry Foster

Question: How long did it take you to make your famous YouTube "Kyle Gets Buckets" video at Duke?
Singler: I shot two videos while I was at school. The first one took a little longer than I expected because it was my first one and I did not realize how long it was going to take to make all those shots. It probably took me two days to do it.
Question: Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has 1,000 wins now. How many were you a part of?
Singler: Oh wow. Let me see. Maybe 100 or 125 of them. It feels great to be a small part of his accomplishments.
Question: What was the best part about playing overseas in Spain before coming to the Pistons?
Singler: Being in a different country and playing basketball against different people.
Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Metro Detroit?
Singler: I have a few of them. Can I give you three? Social, Forest Grill and Ronin. (Social and Forest Grill are in Birmingham; Ronin is in Royal Oak.)
Question: What is your favorite meal?
Singler: Spaghetti.
Question: Why do you love Duke so much?
Singler: It's where I went to school and where I spent four years. I am indebted to them.