Q&A: Greg Monroe

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Courtesy of Terry Foster

Question: What did you like about attending Georgetown?
Monroe: "It was a great time and I think I grew up there. I met friends for life and it is a big part of my life forever. The things I learned from the staff and the people on campus are things I will use forever."
Question: OK, Greg. Let's say you have a four-day weekend in the middle of the season to do as you like. What are you doing?
Monroe: "I am definitely going somewhere warm and somewhere with good food."
Question: What retired NBA player do you respect the most?
Monroe: "That's a tough one. There are a few guys that did really well after they retired. One is Grant Hill and his endeavors outside of basketball. And Michael Jordan -- that one is easy."
Question: What is the best thing about being an NBA player?
Monroe: "It's just doing something you love every day. I am just blessed to play a game I love, and of course everything that comes with it. But it's great to do something you love for a living."
Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Metro Detroit area?
Monroe: "Beans & Cornbread (in Southfield)."
Question: If I were a boy who dreams of playing in the NBA, what advice would you give me?
Monroe: "You have to work extremely hard, and I think everybody has to make sacrifices early in high school. There are a lot of fun things you have to sacrifice to play at a high level. I think that is probably the biggest thing. Be willing to sacrifice because in the long run it is worth it."'