Pistons' Monroe denies trade rumors

Posted by Unknown on Monday, December 15, 2014 with No comments
Despite trade rumors indicating otherwise this season, Detroit Pistons F/C Greg Monroe has denied a desire to be moved.  Reportedly the Pistons were seeking a first round pick for the big.  Monroe admitted to being unhappy due to the Pistons' recent 13 game losing streak but the trade rumors were false.  

"To say I was unhappy, losing 13 in a row, you can say that about everybody on the team," Monroe said. "Nobody's happy when you lose 13 games in a row. But as far as where he took it, that was completely false, and it's really, like, ridiculous to have to come in here and answer questions like this."

"Especially right now, lose 13 straight, finally get a couple games, then you've got to come in here and hear this while you're getting ready for a game," he said. "At this point, it's definitely annoying, because we're trying to turn things around right here, right now, and I've got to come in here and answer something that I've got absolutely nothing to do with, that I know I didn't say."