Pistons waive Smith....Updated

Posted by Unknown on Monday, December 22, 2014 with No comments
The Detroit Pistons have announced that they have waived Josh Smith.  Smith is still owed $26 million over the next two seasons after the conclusion of this season.  The Pistons will reportedly use the stretch provision for the remaining $26 million for cap relief.

Update:  Official Press Release

"Our team has not performed the way we had expected throughout the first third of the season and adjustments need to be made in terms of our focus and direction," said Stan Van Gundy, Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations for the Detroit Pistons. "We are shifting priorities to aggressively develop our younger players while also expanding the roles of other players in the current rotation to improve performance and build for our future. As we expand certain roles, others will be reduced. In fairness to Josh, being a highly versatile 10-year veteran in this league, we feel it's best to give him his freedom to move forward. We have full respect for Josh as a player and a person."