Free Agent O'Neal addresses possible return on Twitter

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, December 23, 2014 with No comments
So I know it's been some talk about if I will play again or not and if so then what team will I choose.

So I thought I would speak on this.

For 18 long years sports has dominated my families life to a point that they have had to sacrifice things that was important to them.  So you can believe now whatever decision I make will be a pure family decision that my family will have a huge part on making with me.

Do I still love the game of basketball? Yes without a doubt!

Can I physically still play? Probably better than 60% of the bigs in the league today! That's not a knock on anyone but more about how I feel.  My decision will not be based off any personal relationships with a city or organization which will be tuff because Of the love I got for them.  I've been blessed to have the opportunity to play for some great coaches, organizations, and cites and I will always have love for them!

But I love my family more than I love life itself and they will have the final say on my playing career or the closing of my bball career!  I will say this, if the decision is to play I promise you that when I hit the court I will be ready physically and mentally to help a team!