Cavs reach out to O'Neil

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, December 25, 2014 with No comments
NBA free agent Jermaine O'Neal recently stated that the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached out to him but he has yet to speak to them personally.  The Cavaliers are in need of a big after the loss of Anderson Varejao for the remainder of the season with a torn Achilles tendon.  O'Neal still says that he's about 2-3 from making a decision on whether or not to return to the NBA and stated the following:

"My family has sacrificed all these years," O'Neal told NEOMG. "My wife's career has been on the backburner because of mine. My daughter is one of the best basketball players in the country and I enjoy watching her play. I'm even coaching my son. It's all about them at this point in my life.

"If I play, I would be a tremendous help to a team. I know how to keep my body ready for competition. I absolutely love this game and would give my all. I just need to take some time to evaluate things with my family."