Q&A: Nate Wolters

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Courtesy of the Startribune 

Q You won 15 games last season. How does it feel to be part of an early-season success story?
A It has been a lot of fun, a total 180. A new energy with a new coaching staff, and we’re all healthy. Last year, we had so many injuries to start the year.

Q What does it feel like to be over .500?
A Me and Giannis, the two rookies last year, we didn’t have a two-game winning streak. Now we’ve had two, one of them a three-game winning streak. It feels a lot different to win, and it’s a lot more fun.

Q Did you seeing this coming?
A Yeah, just with new ownership and new coaching staff, it’s just like the whole vibe was different. We didn’t know what to expect coming into the season. Obviously, we really struggled last year. It was really important to get off to a strong start. We won a triple-overtime game [Wednesday at Brooklyn] that there’s no way we would have won last year. We’re winning close games. That really helps.

Q You’re a point guard, your coach is one of the best ever. Is it different playing for Jason Kidd than any other coach you’ve had?
A Yeah, he’s obviously a great guy to learn from. He played just a few years ago, so he knows what we’re going through. He does a good job teaching. I’m sure the game came so easy for him. I’m sure he sometimes wonders why we’re not seeing what he’s seeing.

Q You don’t see the game like he did?
A No, he’s one of the smartest players ever. He’s really smart. He does a good job explaining, especially on the offensive end. This year, we’re moving the ball a lot better, which really helps.

Q You went from starting 31 games and playing 41 minutes one night last season to not playing some games. How difficult is that tradeoff?
A Obviously, everyone wants playing time. Right now, we’re a pretty deep team with a lot of guards. I’m just trying to compete for playing time. He does play 11 or 12 guys some nights. It’s a little different than last year, but we weren’t a very good team last year, either. It’s a lot more fun to win.

Q  How do you spell Antetokounmpo?
A  Oh, I still have no clue. You want me to give it a try? A-n-t-e-(pause)-k-o-u-n-p-o? Well, it’s tough. I know how to say it. I don’t know how to spell it yet.

Q How freakish is the Greek Freak?
A He’s really good. He has gotten a ton better since last year. Just with his length, there are not too many guys who can do what he does. He handles it like a guard. He’s a really good passer.

Q How good can Jabari Parker become?

A He’s going to be good. He’s learning a lot right now, especially defensively. But you can just tell right now, he’s extremely skilled and he’s pretty sneaky athletically. I think he’ll be a really good player.