Q&A: Larry Sanders

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Courtesy of James Herbert

What is unique about this version of the Bucks?
Well, it's a really good group of guys, I feel like, a really special group. A lot of young guys who are hungry, want to play. We haven't really gotten to that much success, so everyone's still really hungry. I think it's at a great point for all of us.
A couple of years ago you were doing a lot of interviews, for good reason. What's it like to be that guy, and then go through what you did last year and face the opposite side of it?
It's definitely two extremes. But I'm thankful for it. I got to see two ends of the stick. A really extreme positive, where everyone wants your attention and everyone wants to interview you, and then the really extreme negative, where you're outcasted or you're seen as a troublemaker. But it was really good to see because neither one of them -- whether people thought I was a saint or a devil, they both were wrong. They both were wrong assumptions about who I am.
Regardless, unless you know me, you don't know me. So, just not attaching myself to other people's thoughts about me. Sometimes, I'm going to make my mistakes. Perfection is not even attainable. But, you can always be better. You can get better and learn as long as you're alive. That's the main lesson in life, at least for me. Just to try to get better every day.
I imagine it's harder actually not attaching yourself to other people's thoughts than it is just to say it.
Right, right. Yeah, it is. But, like I said, I had the two extremes. It made it a little easier to detach myself. At first, you get attached to a certain glorification or whatever, but then understanding it's not real. And it's only temporary. You just really get to focus on what's really real, what type of things you can really sustain in life. Where's the real value, you know?
What'd you do with your downtime when you couldn't play?
I did a lot of art stuff. Music. A lot of painting, a lot of writing, a lot of reading. And that takes up a lot of my day. I do a lot of those things.
You were working on a novel.
I still am. It's still in the works. Just developing the idea a lot more. The concept is developing more and more. I'm thinking, maybe another couple of years.
Who inspires you the most? Not basketball-wise.
I would just say, I really look to sacred idols. I feel people who draw other people to God. So, Buddha, Jesus, just all the sacred icons. It's all theosis.
Does Jason [Kidd] do anything differently?
Yeah, I would say he definitely handles us different. He really embraces us speaking for ourselves and coming up with solutions ourselves, which is pretty cool.
Does he tell stories about his playing days?
If you ask him, he will. He'll definitely tell you, give you a breakdown. But he kind of focuses where he is right now in life, and how he can be the best coach. I think he has the attitude that his Hall of Fame run isn't over, he's still in the midst of his reign. It's just awesome to be a part of it.
How special is Giannis [Antetokounmpo]?
Oh, man. The kid's amazing. I really enjoy watching him. I enjoy being able to be with him at this time, while he's just taking such leaps and bounds with his game. He's such a humble kid. He's only going to get better. It's just freaky to think about how much better he can get, with how good he is right now.
What's been the biggest change that you've seen with him?
He grew like three inches. Other than that, I think he's having better self-talk. He's saying more positive things to himself. 'Cause he's really hard on himself. He's been really hard on himself. I'm just happy to see him be a little more patient with himself, a little more gentle with himself.