Q&A: Mike Budenholzer

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of Chris Vivalamore 

Q. Generally, what are your impressions of the team now that the preseason is over and it’s time to start playing for real?
A. The carryover and the continuity from last year is something that has the potential to be really beneficial to us. We understand what we expect and what we want. I just think having so many guys back that has the feel to be a big positive.
Q. How is it different for you at this stage than it was last year when you were in your first season on the job?
A. I think there is a significant comfort level with the players and how we play and what we do. Hopefully, that allows them to play. At this stage last year, there was still a lot of thinking. The more we can get our players just playing and understanding big picture concepts that is the ideal goal – to just get them playing basketball.
Q. Al Horford said he isn’t quite 100 percent. Will there be any limitations on him to start the regular season?
A. No. I wouldn’t say there are any limitations. We’ll probably be smart and cautious in how we use him and make sure we don’t just throw him to the wolves or overwork him early. We’ll take into account what his October was like. He still has a little ways to go with the conditioning and the comfort but physically he is in a good place. He is like any player, we have to be smart in how we use him.
Q. One of the big battles in training camp was the back-up point guard position. Is there any insight you can give to what we can expect at that spot?
A. We feel great that we’ve had three point guards who have played really well the whole month. They are playing at a high level. I think we are very fortunate to have that.
Q. Where would you say rookie Adreian Payne is and what kind of role will he have?
A. He is very much learning and getting comfortable on both ends of the court, defensively and offensively. I think the depth of our bigs is one of our strengths. I think he is capable of going into an NBA game and helping and contributing but we’ve got six other guys who you could say the same thing about. It’s the hard part about coaching that you can’t play them all. I think we all know how a season is and how young players can develop. We are going to be focused on developing him in all situations.