Bulls name starting 5

Posted by Unknown on Friday, October 03, 2014 with No comments
Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau recently revealed who his starting five will be for the upcoming season.  What's still in question is who will be on the floor at the end of games.  In the past former Bull Carlos Boozer would be benched in favor of Taj Gibson during the critical minutes of the final period.  

Derrick Rose
Jimmy Butler
Mike Dunleavy
Pau Gasol 
Joakim Noah

‘‘Ideally, you’d like to know who you’re doing it with,’’ Thibodeau said Thursday. ‘‘We’ll see how it unfolds. How you practice is important. The intensity of a fourth quarter is different, and your decision-making has to be quicker and better because of the intensity level. The only way you can get the timing of that is by practicing......Guys have to know where [one another is] going to be and how to execute. You only get that by being on the floor together.’’