Q&A: Austin Rivers

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Courtesy of Amos Morale III

Q. What does Austin Rivers do in his free time?

I'm laid back guy. I'm a family man. I like to hang out with my family and my friends. I play video games, watch TV, eat junk food sometimes. I'm just like everybody else. I'm just good with a basketball in my hands thats the only difference. That's about it. 

Q. Do you play any NBA video games? 

I love (NBA) 2K. I love Madden. Those are about the only video games I play. I don't play any call of duty or stuff like that.

Q. Who do you play with on Madden?

I usually play with the (Atlanta) Falcons but I used to play with the (Philadelphia) Eagles. The Eagles were my team two years ago when they had (Michael) Vick and (LeSean) McCoy. They were unstoppable on video games. But now I play with the Falcons.

Q. You're going to admit to using the Falcons in Saints' country?

I'm just telling you how it is man. (laughs) I love the Saints. I think the Saints are a great team. I know they are off to a rough start but I think they have a playoff chance. They've got a top five quarterback  in the NFL so there's always a good chance. I think they'll be just fine. Like Aaron Rodgers said "just relax" let everything melt into place so I think they'll pick it up. 

Q. You got a lot of new faces on the team how's it been jelling with those guys and getting to know them? 

It's been great. We have a good group again which is nice to say. I know there some teams out there where guys don't get along. We have a team were everybody gets along. We have a great group of guys that enjoy each others' company and we push each other to get better at the same time.

Q. I know you guys don't haze but are there any pranks going on for with the new guys? 

I do hear that (Pelicans forward) Ryan (Anderson) is going to make the rookies carry around Barbie princess backpacks — like a roller back with lights on them. I haven't seen it yet but if I know anything about Ryan he'll make em do it so that'll be interesting.