Mike Miller talks joining Cavs

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, September 06, 2014 with No comments
Fourteen year NBA veteran Mike Miller is a two time NBA Champion and is seeking a 3rd title with his new team the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Recently Miller spoke about the lure of playing alongside of LeBron James once more and also Kevin Love.

"Where I'm at in my career right now, it's all about giving yourself the best opportunity to win. I felt like this gave me the best opportunity to do that. Teaming up with him again is a blessing and we hope to make the most of it."

"There is just based on the fact that you're adding a lot of talent at one time," he said. "It's very similar to what we did in Miami. But that will be the only similarity. You still have to go out there and you still have to play."

On Playing alongside of Kevin Love:

"He's a guy in Minnesota that I got to play with that would give you 12 points and 10 rebounds without running a play for him," Miller said. "That's unique in this league. Now he is showing on a personal level how good he can be. He has stretched his game out, he makes threes at a high clip now too, so him being able to do that and rebound his position the way he does is an unbelievable complement to Kyrie and LeBron both. I think he will have a huge impact."