Jared Dudley talks joining Bucks

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, September 03, 2014 with No comments
The Los Angeles Clippers tried to move his contract for the majority of last season and finally found a taker in the Milwaukee Bucks.  If often hard for NBA players to be traded from a contender to a rebuilding situation but Dudley is taking it in stride.

"Going from a contender to a team that's rebuilding, to me that really doesn't matter," Dudley said. "As a professional, you've got to come in with the right mind-set and play in the right way....The way I've conducted myself throughout the league, that will be the same thing here. This team has a lot going good for them with Jabari Parker coming in here and what he can potentially do for this franchise. That's a huge upside."
"Coach Kidd has seen me play," Dudley said. "I played against him obviously when he was in Dallas and I remember him guarding me sometimes. I think a perfect person fit for me would be him, just because he played the right way. That's what I'm about so I think he'll be able to respect that."