Hawks Owners Bruce Levenson responds to supporters with email

Posted by Unknown on Friday, September 12, 2014 with No comments
I am sending this email to the 2,478 people who sent me kind emails in the past week. I also got hundreds of texts, written notes and phone calls. I tried to respond to each of you but may have missed a couple. Please know your kind words and stories were powerful ointment for me and my family. While my kids and Karen have held my hand, you have held my heart. Many of you are friends, and many others are co-workers, business associates, basketball players, coaches, team owners, clergy, and complete strangers. Men signed notes “love” and many of you have kept checking back.
Earlier this summer I attended a lecture where the speaker was trying to make the point that the opposite of love is judgment. I didn’t quite get it but I do now.
I returned to the office for the first time today. I will be ok. You have been wonderful. I am forever indebted.
PS – Many of you asked questions like “what’s really going on here.” I have stayed silent but in the past couple of days many articles have appeared that shed some light on your questions and frankly bring me some comfort in the aftermath of articles the first day or two. Below are links to a few.