Q&A: Thaddeus Young

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Courtesy of the StarTribune

Q How long did it take you to get to this point in your career where everybody considers you a veteran leader?
AProbably a couple years back. I was always a player who didn’t say a whole lot, but I had to start shape-shifting into the role of going out and leading the team. They named four captains [on the 2011-12 76ers]. It was Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, me and Louis Williams. We understood the game, and [coach Doug Collins] understood us.
Q You were part of a pretty extensive rebuilding project in Philadelphia. They’re rebuilding in Minnesota, too, but does it feel different from what you were coming from?
A It does. I think the situation in Philly is much different. It’s the same process, but this team is much more competitive and it’s a better roster. Philly, they were getting rid of everybody and getting worse. But I think [Philadelphia GM Sam Hinkie] is doing a great job and has made some big moves.

Q Getting traded was kind of a long time coming for you because rumors have been out there for more than a year. But when you finally get the call that it’s going down, what is that like?
AIt was one of those things that was bittersweet. It was a sad moment but a happy moment. I have a chance to come to a fairly good team. We lost Kevin Love, but we added four guys — Zach [LaVine], Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and me. This is a great chance for us to make some noise. We’re young and athletic. We also have Ricky Rubio, Corey Brewer, Kevin Martin and Pek [Nikola Pekovic]. A lot of good guys on the team.

QBut you also have to move your family. How hard is that?
AYeah, I have two boys, ages 1 and 4. My wife made it to town [Wednesday] with the kids. We’re going to go look for a place. We’re trying to move things along rather quickly. It’s a situation where you have to go with the flow.

Q Did you have someone, when you were 19, who took you under his wing when you were a rookie?
A Yeah, he actually works here now — Calvin Booth. Also Donyell Marshall, Theo Ratliff, Reggie Evans. I think Reggie was one of the biggest people who has helped me in my career.

Q Knowing you went through that, what kinds of things will you try to impart on Wiggins, who seems like he has some maturity already?
A Yeah, he’s very mature. He’s been very hyped, and he’s handled it well. He’s levelheaded and a perfect guy for the situation. I can tell him from experiences what to do on the court, what not to do, how to be a professional.

Q Anything about you we don’t know — fun stuff off the court?
A Nah, I’m a pretty simple guy. I’m laid-back and I like going to the movies a lot. I like to have fun. I’m still young, so I do all the things young guys do.