Q&A: Kevin Durant

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Courtesy of Anthony Slater

Durant on if he is the NBA’s best player…“I think I’m best at scoring. I feel like I’m an all-around player. I may not be the best rebounder or passer or defensive player, but I feel like I’m the best scorer.”
Durant on potential rule changes…“To be honest, I wouldn’t like to see anything changed. I like how the game’s played. There’s not too much control by the coaches or the refs or the players. It’s perfect how it is. How can you tell if a guy is flopping or not? Or if you give the coach the right to challenge any call, I’m sure they’ll limit the number, but it would still take some purity out of the game because we never did that before. I like how it is.”
Durant on his 2K gaming prowess…“For the summer, I’m about 100-4. That’s my record this summer. I feel real confident about my game. But the guy that would give me the most trouble would probably have to be James (Harden). James or Russell (Westbrook). Those are the only two guys I’ve played against who can play pretty well. But like I said, I’m very confident in my game right now.”
Durant on being the 2K cover boy…“It was exciting man, a dream come true. Been playing this game for 15 years. To be on the cover, among so many players that did it before me, it was a great honor.”

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