Mason Plumlee talks playing PF

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 with No comments
Brooklyn Nets C Mason Plumlee recently indicated that he become comfortable playing the power forward position.  Last season due to the loss of starting C Brook Lopez, Plumlee saw many minutes at the five spot.  

“I’m definitely comfortable at power forward,” Plumlee said. “I’m a very good passer; I can see the floor, and I can put the ball on the floor. I don’t know what they’re looking to do, if they’re trying to stay small but what made that work last year was Paul, so I can’t imagine we do that again. I think we would play two bigs and how coach Hollins has played traditionally has been that way.

“I think so (I can play next to Lopez),” he added. “He demands so much attention, you kind let him be the focal point scoring wise and then you kind of complement him. So it can be a good two-man tandem. Him and Kevin (Garnett), him and me, me and Kevin, however you want to do it.”