Cuban talks George ramifications of George's injury

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is hoping that the NBA revisits the idea of allowing it's stars to participate in international tournaments.  Cuban feels that the tournaments don't help the NBA or it's stars.  

“I think it’s a bigger issue than star players,” Cuban said Saturday night. “We are being taken advantage of by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and to a lesser extent FIBA (International Federal Basketball Association).....We take on an inordinate amount of financial risk for little, if any, quantifiable gain. It’s like our guiding principle is to lose money on every game and make it up in volume. There is no logic to our position. (We) just hope we get value somewhere in the future.”

“The IOC monetizes everything they touch,” Cuban said. “FIBA tries. The players won’t play unless they have their contracts in place. So that leaves just the owners holding all the risk.....We pay no matter what happens. I think If we can work out supporting the basketball federations of other countries, we can create a tournament that will eventually approach the popularity of soccer’s World Cup.”

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