Stuckey talks joining Pacers

Posted by Unknown on Friday, July 18, 2014 with No comments
The divorce between the Detroit Pistons and Rodney Stuckey was inevitable the moment that former Pistons President Joe Dumars stepped down.  Changes of scenery can be good for a veteran like Stuckey who recently spoke of the "good situation" that he finds himself in with the Indiana Pacers.

"We just kept in contact with (the Pacers) throughout the whole free agency process," Stuckey said. "They always showed interest in me and once Lance decided to go to Charlotte, I thought it was just a good opportunity for me to come in and just be in a good situation with a great team."

"If they want me to come off the bench, then I'll do that. If they need me to start, I'll do that. It doesn't really matter. Whatever they need me to do, I'll do," Stuckey said. "I'm excited to have a fresh start. It's going to be good for me. ... I want to win. I'm going to come in and work hard. I'm going to earn everyone's respect. I'm going to earn my minutes and I'm just going to come in and just compete."

"As far as being in Detroit and playing, it's been tough.....I don't accept losing. I hate losing. It's never fun when you're losing. You got to try to get through it and that's what I tried to do. All that's behind me right now, it's a fresh start. I'm just excited about this opportunity to come into a great organization and compete.....I'm very humble, I'm very down to earth, I'm very respectful (but) I just don't like to lose. In Detroit, I've had people accept losing and I don't accept that.....Yeah, I had my confrontations and whatnot. Was I wrong in some parts? Yeah, I admit it. Yeah, I was. It was all out of frustration.