Rose talks tension w/ Bulls....Updated

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, July 31, 2014 with No comments
For the better part of two NBA seasons, Chicago Bulls G Derrick Rose was on the sidelines due to two major knee surgeries.  It was during this time that representatives for Rose and the franchise were seemingly at odds on when Rose would return and who Rose should have as teammates.  Quiet throughout the entire ordeal Rose, for the first time recently, spoke of the tension between the two sides.  

“I know it’s been there,’’ Rose said. “I heard there were some upset people....I’m happy I didn’t personally see it. I don’t want to see that. I kind of wonder where it was coming from because it seemed like whenever I was around, everything was all right. It bothered me because when I wasn’t around, I would hear from certain people that everything wasn’t all right.’’
“This is a new beginning for everybody. We’ve got a new practice facility, a new year where I’m coming back, and we have some great talent. It’s time to turn the page and move in a positive direction.’’

Update:  Despite Derrick Rose admitting knowing of tension between his representatives and the Chicago Bulls, Bulls ownership has now responded with a statement refuting the earlier report of said tension.

"I am confounded by the irresponsible report in the Chicago Sun-Times suggesting there is anything approaching discord or confusion between the Bulls executive office, coaching staff, and Derrick Rose or any other Bulls player. To the contrary, I can remember no time when the organization has been any more focused, optimistic, and cohesive. I've got to assume suggestions otherwise are intended to undermine the goals and objectives, spirit, and reputation of the Chicago Bulls. I am deeply disappointed that unnamed sources and totally inaccurate statements and assumptions can be used to foment nonexistent friction. The report is totally without basis or fact. It is pure malicious fiction."