Q&A: Mitch McGary

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Courtesy of Darnell Mayberry

Q: Give us your impressions of summer league. It was the first time you had played in a while.
A: “It felt great to be back on the court. But I just was dipping my toes in the water, just trying to get adjusted to the style of play.”
Was there any apprehension because you hadn’t played in a while with the back?
“Nah, I feel great. I was just anxious to get out there, really eager. And I thought I performed pretty decent considering I didn’t play for eight months. We didn’t win as many games as I wanted to, but I thought it was a good showing for us overall.”
What did you think of the level of competition from college to summer league with so much NBA talent there?
“I think I transitioned to that a little easier than I thought or expected. The intensity level’s definitely picked up a little bit. The skill level of those guys are way up there, way above college level, so it’s a little different adjusting. But I had a good time with it.”
What have the coaches told you that they’d like to see you work on after summer league?
“Really just getting in shape. My back was the main thing to get right, and I feel great. Back to 100 percent. I’m just trying to get my body right, because it’s not where I want it to be. I’m just doing a little intangibles, finishing around the rim, out to 15 feet. Just really trying to be a great team player and a great teammate.”
What was it like to be a part of your first community event in Oklahoma City?
“It’s great, man. I’m just getting adjusted to this city. It’s amazing support, and the fan base here is amazing. Just to come out and give back for the first time is incredible. I’ve only been here a couple of weeks. But for me to be able to do this, just take some time out and come spend some time with the kids is pretty awesome. It’s great.”
What has the adjustment been like trying to acclimate to a new city?
“It’s pretty easy. I’ve been on my own since I was 17. I went to boarding school...and didn’t have my parents for the first couple of years. I went to college at Michigan, which is a little closer (to home). Just moving to a new city every few years is a little difficult but my personality; I love to talk, I’m very outgoing, so I’m bound to meet new people or find things to do. So I’m never going to be bored.”
You were looking for some fun the other night. You were asking your followers on Twitter for some suggestions. Did you ever find anything?
“I think I ended up just playing Xbox in my room. But we were just trying to go see some stuff. Maybe go see a movie or mini-golf. Something. Bowling. Something fun to do while I have the time just to get out and see the city. But it’s fun to see what people’s suggestions are.”
What are some of the things you like to do off the court, away from basketball?
“I talked to Jim Rome about this (Monday). I ride my unicycle. But I don’t know, I need to check. I don’t know if it’s (against) my contract. I hope not because it’s one of my hobbies I like doing. I recently learned how to juggle. So I got to put those together. If basketball falls through just join the circus. I like just hanging out with my friends, my teammates, getting to know them. They’re a great group of guys already. Just kicking it with them. After working so hard each and every day, it’s pretty exhausting on our bodies so I just like to relax and hang out.”
Have you always been open to trying new things?
“Always, man. I get it from my dad. My dad, man, he’s a character. He’s 35 years older, but we’re the exact same person.”