Q&A: Mavs GM Donnie Nelson

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, July 26, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of KTCK-AM

On the Mavs' offseason
Donnie Nelson: We're really happy about where the team is right now.
Who do you think starts at point guard?
Donnie Nelson: That's a Rick question and that's a training camp question. Obviously, we know what Devin can do. He's been with us for a long, long time. Between the three of them, we feel we've got a really, really good backcourt punch with Ellis in the mix.
Are you finished (making moves)?
Donnie Nelson: We like where the team is. We feel like we've settled down some important positions. With Parsons, we add a really nice, versatile small forward that is young, at 25, and is just kicking in to so to speak. And with the other additions, we feel we're pretty deep and pretty versatile at every position.
Felton's contract is an expiring contract. Is he moveable and Mo Williams still could be added?
Donnie Nelson: You know, we've been Mo fans for a long time. He's one of us. He's a Dallas resident. Mo's market value is a lot more than we can afford is the reality of the situation. So, it probably isn't in the cards for us this year. But we'll continue to maintain a relationship there. The fit wasn't there for us this year.
Did it stun you that you could get Nelson and Aminu for about a combined $4 million?
Donnie Nelson: We've been really blessed. To have those guys consider us at those prices is really a testament to the marketplace and this incredible Metroplex that we live in, the success that Mark has built as an owner. Rick's credentials are a huge part of our salemanship pitch.
Could you still max out for a free agent next summer?
Donnie Nelson: Yes. Absolutely. Next year's marketplace has even more potential A-listers. We absolutely would be open to those conversations.