Gordon talks joining Magic

Posted by Unknown on Monday, July 07, 2014 with No comments
In one of the most surprising moves of this current off season was Ben Gordon committing to sign with the Orlando Magic.  Many insiders felt as if Gordon would sign with a contender that was closing in on a championship but in a sense Gordon fooled us all.  Recently Gordon gave insight into why he chose the Magic, a franchise that's currently rebuilding.

“You always want to go somewhere where they want you there, because that’s a good sign.....That’s what I thought immediately when I spoke to the executives here and met with everybody. Everybody wants to be wanted somewhere, and I think when you have two sides that share that [feeling] success is ahead. So I’m just looking forward to the opportunity they’re giving me.”

“I just want to be successful like any other basketball player,” Gordon said. “Whether people are happy with what I do or not, I can’t really control that. But I’ve just got my goals that I want to live up to and as long as I prove that to myself, then I’ll be satisfied.....I’m only 31. I’m going to put the work in, so I’m just looking forward to reestablishing myself and just going out there and having fun and making shots and making big plays and just reminding people what I can do out there on the court.”