Q&A: Klay Thompson

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Courtesy of Rusty Simmons

What’s your impression of Turkey?: “It’s a great country, beautiful scenically. The people love basketball. It’s second to only soccer. They have Warriors fans out here. I’ve had a great time, eating good food and spending time with a lot of people in a big city. It’s been fun.”
Does it still surprise you to see Warriors fans in other countries?: “It does. It’s cool that the game has gotten so global. The NBA is a global brand, and I appreciate every fan across the globe. They’re all very knowledgeable about the game, and they love basketball. It’s awesome.”
What all have you been doing over there?: “I did a couple of kids camp for ages 8-14. The kids are good, too. They’re really fundamentally sound. I hosted a three-on-three tournament all weekend. It was fun, with some good teams.”
What’s your reaction to the coaching swap from Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr?:“It was tough seeing coach Jackson go. It was great playing for him, but I’m excited about Steve. I feel like he has a brilliant mind for the game. He was a great shooter, so me and Steph (Curry) can really learn from him. He was around winning for his whole career, so that’s cool. We got a guy who knows how to win. I’m excited to get to work with him. I think we can build a great relationship together.”
What was your phone call like with Kerr?: “His schedule was a little hectic during the playoffs, but he’s a class act. I had met him before I got to the NBA. He treated me then the same way he treats me now: like a man. That’s one thing I really respect about him. He’s a personable guy, and he loves basketball.”
Do you know much about the triangle elements that he might bring into the offense?: “It’s pathetic. I really don’t. I’ve watched the Lakers my whole life, and couldn’t tell you the first thing about the triangle. I guess, I know that you play through the posts quite a bit, but I couldn’t tell you the basics of the triangle offense. As a kid, my memories are just of watching Shaq (O’Neal) dominate and Kobe (Bryant) score. If he implements some of the triangle, I’d be excited to learn it. I’ve seen it be successful with the Bulls and the Lakers. Whatever Steve does with us, it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”
What are your thoughts on the Kevin Love trade rumors?: “I think he’d be a great fit, anywhere. Any time you can add a perennial All-Star, whose game is so versatile, your team is going to immediately get better. Whether it’s us or someplace else, he can fit in.”
How much attention to you pay to trade rumors?: “I see them, but I take them with a grain of salt. It’s all speculation, really. With trade rumors, if you read too far into them, it’s not healthy. You have to take it day by day, live your life and plan on making a life in the city you play. I don’t pay attention to it as much as the common fan. I see them, but it doesn’t make me nervous. I’m a fortunate young man to be playing the NBA, and I’ll be fortunate wherever I’m playing. But I love playing with the Warriors. I want to be there for a long time. The Warriors are committed to winning, and they’ll do whatever is necessary to do that.”
What are your feelings about the possibility of signing an extension with the Warriors before next season?: “First off, it’d be a dream come true if I was able to sign an extension. Whether it happens or not, I know I’m a fortunate man to be in the NBA. I’m going to leave that up to (agent) Bill Duffy and (general manager) Bob (Myers) and the rest of the Warriors’ front office. They’ll work it out. You hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but I’m excited about the Warriors’ franchise. I think we’re becoming one of the premier franchises in the NBA. It’s awesome to be part of it. I’d be lying to you if I said, ‘I didn’t hear what Joe (Lacob) said.’ It’s awesome to hear him say that. [editors note: Lacob said the Warriors will "unequivocally" re-sign Thompson.] As a player, it gives you a lot of confidence that you’re hard work is paying off. I’m going to try to get better and do everything that I can to keep this organization on an upward trend.”
Do you have any other big plans before next month’s U.S. team camp in Las Vegas?: “I’m taking a week to go down to Mexico and fish a little bit with my buddies. That will be real nice, just to get away. I’ve never been to Mexico, believe it or not. I’m two hours away from it, so I’m really excited. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Mexican beaches.”