Q&A: James Young

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Courtesy of Dime

Dime: Everyone knows you love the game of basketball; how about some of your off-the-court hobbies?
James Young: I play football a little bit with my guys, and watch a lot of scary movies – I like movies. Really just chilling.
Dime: What do you bump on your pre-game playlist?
JY: Definitely got Meek Mills, Big Sean – a Michigan guy, and Lil Wayne.
Dime: You are about 24 hours away from living your dream and getting drafted into the NBA; What are you feeling right now?
JY: Emotions are everywhere. I’m just excited, really. It’s finally here. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little kid and my family is here to enjoy it with me. It’s great. I’m glad I got the chance to be here.
Other Media: Have you put any thought into what you are going to wear tomorrow night?
JY: I got a nice Gucci suite I’m gonna wear tomorrow… That’s all I can say right now, but it’s nice. (laughs)
Other Media: When did you pick that out?
JY: A few weeks ago out in LA. I went to a Gucci store.
Other Media: Besides yourself, who is going to look the best?
JY: Ah, I don’t know. Aaron Gordon’s got a little swag to him. I know Andrew Wiggins will have something nice, and Jabari Parker will probably have something nice. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of guys out there looking nice.
Dime: Have you had any conversations with JAY Z recently? (Young signed with Roc Nation as his representation).
JY: I haven’t really talked to him since I signed with them. I keep in touch every once in a while. But not really about the (draft) process, no, not really.
Dime: Going back to the National Championship game, what were you feeling immediately after throwing down that dunk?
JY: Honestly, in the moment, I wasn’t even thinking about dunking, but just trying to finish the layup. It just so happened, he tried to block and I just went through him. It was crazy. I had a lot of energy off that.
Dime: Did you hear from your friends about the slam?
JY: Maaaan, even though we lost, I checked my phone and it was just blowing up about it. It was crazy.