Q&A: Shelvin Mack

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Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. How would you access your growth this season?
A. I think it was a great year for me personally. Especially coming from the situation I was in – the fourth guard in summer league and be able to come in and contribute and be the backup point guard in the playoffs. It shows the dedication of my hard work, working with the coaching staff and making progress to get better.
Q. You are a restricted free agent this summer. Would you like to be back? Have they told you they’d like to have you back?
A. I would like to be back and continue this work and improving my game. I’ll let my agent and everyone else deal with (the other) stuff.
Q. Do you want to be back?
A. Yes. Of course. I feel like it’s a great situation for me. The teammates are great. I just had a lot of fun.
Q. The way you played this season, do you expect to get offers?
A. Like I said, I’m not worried about that. I’ll let my agent deal with that. I feel like I’m an NBA player. I think a lot of people believe I’m an NBA player. I think great things will happen.
Q. How to you access the season as a team?
A. Success, especially all the things we’ve been through. The injuries, of course. There was one point in the season we were 1-15. Guys didn’t fold and give up. We continued to work hard and improve every day. It shows a lot of character. We were able to do the same thing throughout the playoffs.
Q. What was it about your game that, as you said, you were able to start from the fourth point guard and move up to the backup spot?
A. Just my hard work. I put in a lot of work this summer. Me and Mike Scott were here every day with Kenny (Atkinson) and Jeff Watkinson, trying to get better. It shows that over time, if you continue to work hard, great things will happen.