Q&A: Pero Antic

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, May 15, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore 

Q. How do you sum up your first year in the NBA?
A. Great year, except the injury and the loss in the playoffs in the first round. All together it was a great experience. I didn’t even expect it to be like that, to be honest, in a positive way. I’m happy for that and looking forward to next year.
Q. How did the NBA differ from playing overseas?
A. Faster. More physical. Different rules. That’s about it. The Euro League has evolved a lot. A lot of NBA players have come to Euro League. It’s almost the same.
Q. How much were you bothered by the ankle, especially during the playoffs?
A. I felt pain but when you get on the court you forget about everything. I’m a professional and I come out to fight for my team and my teammates and help as much as I can.
Q. What are your summer plans?
A. To rest and see my family. I’ve been away from them for a long time. I’m just going to spend a lot of time with my kids to make up for all the lost time.
Q. You’ll go back overseas?
A. Yes. And to the beach.
Q. With Al (Horford) coming back, how would you change your role with this team?
A. I don’t care about my role, to be honest. I put my role for the team. Whatever they need me to do, I will do it. Al is an All-Star, a great player, and for sure he was the first scorer and the first rebounder. For sure, we’ll be a lot better.
Q. What did you think of playing for coach (Mike Budenholzer) and what he did for your game?
A. He helped me a lot. He showed me some stuff to adjust faster here. He was an assistant with a lot of European players so I thank him for that. He helped me a lot.