Q&A: Mike Scott

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Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. You go into the summer as a restricted free agent. Do you want to come back?
A. I’m just going to leave that to the GM and the coaching staff but of course I want to come back.
Q. What made this group so enjoyable?
A. Everybody is so down to earth. We felt like the team was full of brothers – lost together, won together. Hilarious group. I loved everyone.
Q. What do you credit for your improved play?
A. It all started last summer. I changed my body, changed eating habits, expanded my range, worked on my body a lot. Now it’s time to take another step.
Q. What is the next step?
A. My perimeter game, dribbling, guarding guards, playing a lot one-on-one against guards.
Q. Guarding perimeter players, is that because of all switching you do (as a team)?
A. Yeah and being in a stretch (position) where you have to be able to handle the ball. I’m not totally comfortable with it yet.
Q. What were your most memorable games?
A. The Knick game, the Cleveland game, Game 5, the dunk game, the shoe game.
Q. What are your summer plans?
A. Go home for a couple of weeks, then I’ll start working out. Nothing too crazy. I don’t want it to be like last year when I went home and got fat.
Q. How did you get fat?
A. I was eating a lot but I wasn’t doing a lot of cardio. It was more like lifting weights. That’s why I got bloated and bulky. That’s not my game. My game is to be quick and run and be fast. I’m not a bruiser type of player?
Q. Were you sitting around eating cheeseburgers?
A. I was doing that too.
Q. Do you like this system?
A. Yeah. It fits how I play.
Q. What is the best thing about system?
A. You can shoot a lot. Everybody has a green light. There’s no bad shot now. There’s a lot of freedom in the offense.
Q. You looked like you got more confident this season?
A. During the year I feel like I became more confident. It just goes back to all of the hard work.