Q&A: Lou Williams

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Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. What are your reflections on the season?
A. For me personally, this was one of the more difficult seasons I’ve been a part of. Just from the ups and downs of sitting out an entire summer, sitting out and coming back and the season was already started and just with the injuries, it was definitely one of the more difficult seasons but we found a lot of courage with how resilient we were and the push we made at the end, I think we did a great job.
Q. How difficult was it for you not only coming off the (ACL) injury but learning a new system?
A. It was difficult. I just felt I started behind everybody. I’m used to having a certain rhythm going into a season. I didn’t have the summer to prepare myself. I didn’t have the same thing that the other guys had. So I kind of started behind the eight ball a little bit. So it was definitely difficult in that aspect.
Q. Do you fit the system? Did it take more time to get?
A. I think we are all still trying to find our ways. I feel like I can fit in any basketball system, honestly, with just the way I play. I’ve always been somebody who can adjust to different systems so I think so.
Q. Who do you give an MVP vote to for this team?
A. Paul (Millsap) without a doubt. And Jeff (Teague). Actually, I would have to split it. I’ve seen Teague since he came into the league. I think this year he definitely turned the corner with the player he is going to be in the future. Paul has always been talented. When a guy makes the All-Star team and basically carries this team the way he did this year, you have to give both those guys a vote.
Q. What kind of foundation has been laid for the team that can be built on next year?
A. Everybody is locked in. We’ll have basically the same group next year. I think that is a great thing for us, especially when you are trying to build. When you are trying to build something special it’s always great to have those same guys in the locker room with you with the same goals.
Q. Have you thought about Game 6?
A. Yeah. Game 6 was definitely difficult for me because I turned the ball over last. I felt we had an opportunity to tie it. I felt like I got fouled but we know how that works sometimes and it just doesn’t go your way. Definitely difficult but it was a long series. I felt like we had chances to win in other games that we didn’t . I felt like Game 4 was similar to Game 6 to me. We had an opportunity to win that game and it didn’t work out. It’s a long series. You take the good with the bad.
Q. What is missing from this team to take it to the next level?
A. Al (Horford). Simple.
Q. What will your summer be like?
A. Take a little time off. Take a lot of time off actually to just get my body an opportunity to recoup and then get back in the gym.
Q. What was the best thing about coach (Mike Budenholzer) and his staff?
A. I think his staff was very thorough, a very thorough coaching staff. Definitely one of the most prepared coaching staffs I’ve been a part of it. Just the way the go into games and their knowledge of the game, I was very impressed by that.
Q. You talked about Jeff. He has shown he can play at a high level. What does he have to do to be more consistent?
A. Like I said, I think he’s turned the corner. I really couldn’t tell you because I’ve seen the growth. I don’t know how many more levels there are to Jeff when he has accomplished so much this year, in my opinion.