Q&A: Elton Brand

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, May 11, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of Chris Vivlamore

Q. What is your future?
A. I’m going to rest for a while. Rest. Talk to the family and see what is going on with my kid. My son is an avid basketball fan. He loves it. He wouldn’t mind seeing me playing. My wife, we’ll see. Definitely looking forward to seeing how I feel in a few months and making another run at it.
Q. Has it crept in that your run in the NBA could be over?
A. It has. It’s sad because I’ve been doing it for a long time and I love it. Body feels good and I didn’t miss any games because of injury so as long as I can still compete and help out a team, hopefully this team, we’ll see.
Q. If you come back, would you want it to be this organization?
A. Yeah, absolutely. It was a great year for me and for the team and everything this organization is building and stands for.
Q. Who would you give an MVP vote to on the team?
A. I would give it to … different times there were different MVPs. Coach (Mike Budenholzer) definitely did a great job implementing his system. Paul Millsap brought it every night. Kyle (Korver) had some good games. I played 42 minutes once so I’ll give myself a vote. It was a great season overall. It’s just tough to be over right now.
Q. Do you consider the season a success?
A. It was a success because what we went through, all the injuries. We were sitting at the third seed. We were babysitting the third seed and there was only three teams they were talking about in the East for a while and we were one of them. It was a success from all we had to go through.
Q. What was one of your most memorable games?
A. Just clinching the playoff spot at the end, at home, clinching and know we are going to the playoffs and not having to worry about what New York does, what Milwaukee does. That was a good feeling for the team and the franchise.
Q. What do you say about the job Mike Budenholzer did?
A. Coach Bud, and his staff also they help him, did a great job implementing his system and being a great leader for us. Definitely a successful first year for him. It’s too bad we couldn’t get it done for him.