Q&A: Andre Roberson

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Courtesy of Jenni Carlson

Q: As a San Antonio native playing in your first playoffs in your hometown, what has this been like for you?
A: It’s like any other game. We have to prepare the same way every time. This team’s no different. We’ve got a game plan, and we’re going to come out hard and play aggressive.
Tell me about growing up in San Antonio. Did you live in the same area most of your childhood?
Growing up, me and my siblings … we moved house to house. We were over there by Judson (on the northeast side of town) my whole life. It’s just been a grind. It’s fantastic just doing it with my family. We’ve been through hard times. There’s also some decent times in there, so life is good.
So, is a chance to see it come full circle pretty special?
It definitely is. Living my lifelong dream.
When you were dreaming the NBA dream as a kid, were you picturing yourself in black and silver, being a Spur?
Nah, I wasn’t a Spurs fan, to be honest. I just wanted to be in the NBA and play for a team. I grew up watching the Spurs a lot.
How could you not?
Yeah, how could you not? So, it’s pretty cool playing against them.
Everyone in San Antonio seems to be a big Spurs fan. How were you not?
I was just a fan of basketball, a fan of the NBA. Just growing up having a passion for it, I liked the Spurs but I looked at the overall perspective of it.
So, being back home, lots of family and friends coming to these games?
Definitely, definitely. My whole family is going to be there. A couple of my friends. A lot of my high school friends, they bought ticket. There’s going to be a lot of them.