Westbrook addresses media

Posted by Unknown on Friday, April 25, 2014 with No comments
With the Oklahoma City Thunder down 2-1 in their 1st round playoff series to the Memphis Grizzlies, Thunder G Russell Westbrook has been blamed due to his shot selection.  Westbrook fired back today indicating that he feels as if the media is trying to pull the team a part.  

"I feel like [the media] tries to pull us apart," Westbrook said Friday. "When nobody is getting their shots, you all try to find a reason in between all of us. You try to find whose fault it is. One person didn't lose, we all lost.....Our offense is not built around Serge. Our offense is built around No. 35, Kevin Durant....Don't try to pull us apart. We're all in this together. Serge isn't on a separate team, Kevin is not on a separate team, I'm not on a separate team."

"Nobody is perfect -- not me, not Kevin, not anybody," Westbrook said. "You want your teammates to make shots, but when the game is on the line you've got to make decisions."