Q&A: Russell Westbrook

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, April 24, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of Berry Tramel 

Question: What have you guys been focusing on these last two days?
Westbrook: “Just keying in on the little things we need to do to win games. Good film work, watched our mistakes. Watched what we can get better at.”
Do you take Game 3 as a challenge to improve defensively?
“Yeah, of course. As a competitor and a person who wants to win, you want to come out every night and take on the challenge. That’s part of my job. I think our guys are ready to take on the challenge as well.”
The Thunder has piled up a ton of playoff experience over the last five postseasons. How much does that help?
“Helps a lot, man. In order to win games in the playoffs, you gotta win on the road. If we’d have won Game 2, we still gotta win on the road eventually, if we want to win. It’s going to be key for us to go in there and take care of business.”
Memphis slowed the game Monday night. How can you get the game’s pace more to your liking?
“It’s kind of something we’re accustomed to doing all season long. We tried to keep our pace high for when it’s time, to use it. Like now. We kind of know where to be, know the situation, to be in our spots. Know where we’re supposed to be.”
How can you make the Grizzlies play faster?
“Just use our hands to be physical. They’re going to run their offense like any NBA team. Our job is to keep ‘em from scoring ... just gotta know the schemes. You gotta know what your gameplan is. Know what you’re supposed to do. Know the personnel. And you can play off that.”