Larry Sanders Suspension Update

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, April 10, 2014 with No comments
When the NBA announced last week that Milwaukee Bucks' C Larry Sanders would be suspended for 5 games due to violating the league's anti drug policy it was assumed that the suspension would begin next season however that is not the case.  Sanders' suspension began Wednesday, the first of the five remaining games for the Bucks.  Despite being ruled out for the remainder of the season by the Bucks on March 20th, Sanders had been cleared to play by team doctors and the NBA which allowed Sanders to be activated and then suspended for the remaining five games of the season.

What does this all mean for Sanders?  With being suspended this season, each game lost will cost Sanders $37,000.  If the suspension was to take place next season like in most cases, Sanders would have lost a total of $134,000 per game.