Hill not happy in LA?

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, April 02, 2014 with 1 comment
Los Angeles Lakers F/C Jordan Hill hasn't play much as of late and indicated recently that he is not happy with his current role with the franchise.  The Lakers have used 33 different starting lineups this season and after suffering a DNP in last evening's game, Jordan spoke out.

“It gets old,” Hill said, mindful he had posted 28 points in Milwaukee just five days earlier. “It’s what you can expect, though. It’s not a surprise. I can’t do nothing, but stay humble and continue to keep my head high and support my team.”

“I didn’t really see it coming. But I still wasn’t surprised,” Hill said. “The rotation has been up and down. Mike is an excellent dude and he is our coach. You have to show the utmost respect for him and for what he’s doing. I like this team and everybody on this team. So I’ll be supportive.”