Billups to retire?

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 with No comments
Detroit Pistons G Chauncey Billups career may be coming to an end and in preparation for that end Billups begun sitting in on meetings with former team president Joe Dumars learning how to set up a draft war room and how the franchise evaluates talent.  Billups recently indicated that making the move to an NBA front office is something that he's now prepared to do.

“Yeah, it is something I think I could do,” Billups said.  "First I had to think about if I wanted to coach or if I wanted to do executive work.....I learned a lot. I kind of sat up under those guys and I gained a lot of experience.....You have to be able to evaluate talent, egos. Being a point guard and evaluating a team is a small snapshot I believe helps you put together a team.”