Sanders not returning this season

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 with No comments
In what many consider as the worst season in NBA history following a large contract signing, Milwaukee Bucks C Larry Sanders has confirmed that he will not be returning this season after signing a 4 year $44 million contract this past off-season.  Sanders has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons this season due to multiple injuries and also and ugly off court incident that saw him engaged in a brawl in a night club.  Sanders only saw action in 23 of 82 games and recently shared his thoughts on his unfulfilled season.  

"I think you just take from it what you can," Sanders said. "It's funny you go through things in life and they help mold us into better people if you learn from things....I think that's what this year was all about. Going through it is tough. But when you get through it, you start to understand how you become better."
"Because of my eye and missing this time here, I get a chance to start back before everybody does," Sanders said. "That's my plan, to at least be in the gym three weeks before everybody else does, just working on my body. Just working on my health and my nutrition and my body....I'm excited about that."