NBA Q&A: Marv Albert

Posted by Unknown on Friday, March 14, 2014 with No comments
Courtesy of Justin Terranova

Q: Can the Knicks continue their winning ways and make the playoffs?
A: They can, but they are so limited even if they do make it into the playoffs. If they get there, it’s probably going to be against Indiana or Miami. So, that’s going to be no shot. Unfortunately, you get in with that kind of record.
Q: Your broadcast partner Steve Kerr has been rumored as a possible replacement for coach Mike Woodson if he gets fired. Would that be a good fit?
A: I know he wants to coach eventually, and I think he’d be a very, very good coach. But it would be hard for him to take over a team like this. He is very close to Phil (Jackson). They have a great relationship. I know he’s so happy doing what he’s doing. His kids are in school, he lives in San Diego. I gave him a couple of ads for some nice condos Downtown, where he’d be very happy.
Q: Are we definitely looking at an Indiana-Miami rematch in the East?
A: The Nets are interesting, but I don’t know if they can get by Indiana and Miami. They have a very small window. But they turned it around after that start, and Jason Kidd’s done a really good job, too. It will be a successful season, but they are going to have make more moves next year.
Q: Do the Pacers need homecourt advantage more than the Heat?
A: Yes, I think the Heat feels they can win in Indiana. I am not so sure the Pacers, if it comes to a seventh game in Miami, feel that way. They do have veteran guys like David West, George Hill and we don’t know what Andrew Bynum is going to give them. If he is able to do what he did in his best years with the Lakers, they become a different team.
Q: Of the top four in the Western Conference, anyone stand out to you?
A: I would never discount San Antonio. San Antonio and Oklahoma City are the teams to beat. But the West is really strong through eight, nine, 10 teams. So, it’s not like the East where it’s almost locked in with Miami and Indiana.