Miller talks falling out in Denver

Posted by Unknown on Friday, March 21, 2014 with No comments
Things turned sour when after playing in 239 consecutive NBA games, G Andre Miller suffered the first DNP-Coach Decision of his career.  Miller and Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw didn't not see eye to eye and after a confrontation, Miller was essentially banished from the team with pay until he was traded to the Washington Wizards.  Miller recently explained the breakup with the Nuggets to Yahoo Sports.

“I was made out to be the bad guy, the villain because I was the one complaining about minutes,” Miller said.  “That wasn’t the issue at all.”

“They gave me an opportunity to represent Denver…..I tried to do that the right way, but I was looked at as the bad guy, a disgruntled player. [The Nuggets said] I was complaining about minutes and that was never the issue. They made it look that way, and that I was upset. I understand that they have to protect themselves as an organization, but don’t blast the player.  I came out and represented the organization, played games, practiced and did it the right way. Don’t bash me. It’s not true saying I was disgruntled about minutes and complaining. In reality, I was just speaking up for guys on the team and being a veteran leader. I was just doing my job.”

“It’s really not about coach, player,” Miller said. “It’s really about communication from the top. In a team meeting we talked about communication between the coaches and the players. Anybody can coach, but how do you deal with players and egos and attitudes and communicate with people – that’s the main thing…..I communicated on my end. There was no communication on their end.”