Garnett talks back issues

Posted by Unknown on Friday, March 21, 2014 with No comments
During his 19 year career, former MVP and NBA Champion Kevin Garnett of the Brooklyn Nets had never faced back spasms but a recent bout with the affliction has caused him to miss the last 10 games.  During that span the Nets have gone 8-2 and despite Garnett being mentally ready to return, he will miss his 11th consecutive game tonight against the Boston Celtics.  

“The most frustrating part about this is that you just can’t push through this,” said Garnett, who spoke to reporters for the first time since his injury following Thursday’s practice at the team’s practice facility. “The back tends to obviously deals with the legs, the lower part of your body, the core, your hand movements, your breathing, a lot of it comes into play.....So it’s not like an ankle where I can muscle through it, or a knee or an arm, neck, something. This is damn near your body, and I have a whole new respect for the body.”
“I have a newfound respect for [the back],” Garnett said. “Through this whole thing I’ve been learning and learning, and it’s been helping my process and helping me not be so frustrated and I feel like I’m getting better and stronger.”