Walls talks Eastern Conference Win

Posted by Unknown on Monday, February 17, 2014 with No comments
When Washington Wizards G John Wall entered Sunday's NBA All-Star late in the 3rd quarter, the Eastern Conference quickly went on a 13-3 run.  Despite not finishing the game, Wall was instrumental in the Eastern Conference's victory and afterwards shared his thoughts on the experience.  

“Yeah, I was hungry for more,” Wall said. “When Melo came and got me, I wanted to keep playing, but when our second-leading scorer had 30, you can’t say nothing about that. I wasn’t really going to trip on, harp on it.”

“I’m very hungry,” Wall said. ”It’s a great weekend, a great accomplishment for yourself. To have the celebrities and all these guys come out and have the best players in the NBA play on one court and play for the crowd. I’m eager to come out here the rest of my career.”