Matt Barnes details uncomfortable atmosphere at trade deadline

Posted by Unknown on Friday, February 21, 2014 with No comments
As the yesterday's NBA Trade Deadline loomed, the Los Angeles Clippers were preparing to travel to Memphis.  Due to many trade scenarios involving the Clippers being floated around, the situation on the plane was said to be tense as it awaited takeoff.  Clippers F Matt Barnes gave insight on how exactly the mood was onboard.

“The plane was a sweatbox today,” said Matt Barnes,  “It’s just a business and it’s tough. We sat on that plane for almost two hours looking around in silence, looking at Twitter.....No one was really talking. We were looking around and the captain said [the delay was caused by] bad weather and we’re like, ‘Yeah, bullshit, we’re waiting for that trade deadline.’ I’m just glad it’s over.”