Felton addresses fitness

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, February 22, 2014 with No comments
In years past, New York Knicks G Raymond Felton has been criticized for his weight.  Alongside of coach Mike Woodson, Felton has been vilified due to the Knicks' lackluster season and whispers about his conditioning have returned prompting Felton to fire back.  

“Nobody can criticize anything about my fitness,’’ Felton said. “My weight is down. Even lower than it was earlier in the season. Earlier in the season I was hurting, playing with an injury. That’s just a cop-out thing. Somebody wants to talk about it.

“I had one year where I was out of [shape]. Now everybody wants to talk about my weight every year. It kind of gets old, kind of getting on my nerves. That’s all they want to talk about. Don’t make no excuses for me. If you want to say I’m not making shots and not doing something as far as basketball, fine, but stop trying to attack my weight all the time. I had one year when I was out of shape. That was it."