NBA Q&A: Al Horford

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Courtesy of Twitter

Q. How's the rehab going so far?
A. Still no rehab, muscle has to heal. Slow process.
Q. How's your recovery?
A. I'm fine. The process is very slow, but I progress.
Q. Who was your favorite player growing up?
Q. Role model growing up?
A. Grant Hill
Q. Favorite move in the low post?
A. Spin baseline to a reverse dunk
Q. Who is the hardest player in the NBA to defend?
A. (Kevin) Durant
Q. Funniest guy on the team?
A. Lou Williams
Q. Thoughts on Pero Antic?
A. El capitán! That's my guy.
Q. Who's your favorite NFL team?
A. Don't have one, but I'm a football fan!
Q. Favorite pair of Jordan's?
A. 4s
Q. What's your impression of the Gators this year?
A. I like their fight! Still getting better.
Q. Best memory with the 06/07 gator boys and billy d?
A. Hanging out with teammates and traveling.
Q. How do you think your brother Jon is playing this year at Michigan?
A. Playing well, when he gets minutes.
Q. What influenced your decision to play college ball at the University of Florida?
A. Warm weather!
Q. What's your favorite thing about Atlanta?
A. Mix between city and nature.
Q. Your opinion, who is the favorite for the title this year?
A. Heat